Interlock Steel Structures USA Inc. (TEAM PERKA) is looking for a highly motivated structural steel shop Supervisor who loves to help co-create solutions in a strong collaborative environment using one’s unique skills and optimizing them with the talents available on the unit to get the job done RIGHT! 

Do you like working on teams with a commitment to doing things in a collaborative, cooperative and harmonious way, together?

The big picture work we do is predominantly about helping clients – AKA FRIENDS – realize their dreams/goals for having a building STRUCTURE that will be safe, comfortable, reliable, attractive, purposeful, and strong enough to be resilient.   

Do you like to do things right, by doing the right thing?

Are you looking for a way to use your talents, passion, and in particular find joy in figuring out complex ideas in a place that will appreciate and be safe for you to grow?  Are you looking for mates to work with that will make good and purposeful products using your trade experience AND ability to get that work done efficiently, accurately, safely, and efficiently with others?   Are you able to read complex fabrication blueprints?

Does this sound like YOU?   Then, OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING HERE.

To help give a vision – here are just some of the things we have looked for in our existing new shop mates and continue to evolve with those we continue to add. (And our goal is to have more and more of these types of mates to be working WITH YOU, as “US”!)

  • Has reliable transportation to get to the shop every day, on time.
    • Is committed to good communication.
    • Has minimum 1 year of some related experience in steel fabrication process preferred. Or can show is a quick learner!
  • Has a clear and selfless understanding of safety.
  • Can use and understand CAD program.
  • Can read and use a measuring type tools accurately.
    • Has good math and problem-solving skills, and is familiar with reading steel fabrication drawings.
    • Can appreciate and handle appropriate tools and equipment with respect and awareness of surroundings. Re: Forklift operation ability in respect to shipping and receiving support.
    • Can help with tracking and noting any damaged or misfit materials, overages or shortages and communicate with proper personnel on issues and possibly help seek out solutions.
  • Has a good understanding of steel fabrication shop guidelines, equipment and tools with an equal appreciation for how to operate them safely and respectfully. 
    • Can cooperate & execute tasks with an ability for and awareness to anticipate the flow of the work at hand.
    • Demonstrates initiative & desire to help, to be of genuine and purposeful SERVICE.
    • Has a strong work ethic, with a certain sense for tenacity, honesty, pride in Workmanship, and solid teamwork.
    • Is generally goal oriented and enjoys work with the objective to get the job done accurately & with efficiency with an eye on the mission.                                
    • Can follow instructions, standard operating procedures in keeping with good peer collaboration, in harmony & with synergy.
  • Always open to coaching, learning, and evolving one’s personal and team skills.

If you would like to be part of a team to see this VISION evolve towards finding and providing the most STRESS-FREE building solutions for our “FRIENDS” –  APPLY NOW

Our future together making a big difference in our word awaits!