Did you know that trying new things can help you overcome your fears, boost your levels of creativity, curiosity and can even make you a more interesting and more attractive person? 

Well, that last one may be from a personal belief (because the more you experience, the more stories you have to share, and people are drawn to good stories); Breaking out of routines really can help you conquer those phobias and increase the flow of “creative juices”. All that to be said, trying new things can be difficult, even with all its many benefits. 

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry. You are in good company; most people are wary of trying something different. But today, we have got a couple of stories that will hopefully change your attitude about trying new things.

Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Abraham Lincoln? Yes, the former United States President who led during the Civil War and wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. However, before he became a political leader and historic hero, he was just Abe. Abe who was mostly self-educated. Abe who had failed in two business endeavors. Abe who lengthened his term in the military simply because he wanted to see some combat. Abe who ran for multiple government offices and failed many times. But he persevered, continued to learn from his mistakes, and constantly tried new things, which led him to become one of America’s most revered Presidents.  Imagine that!

Or how about a more modern example? Harrison Ford, the famous Star Wars actor, was not well-received when he first made his debut in the acting world. Instead, he taught himself how to be a carpenter, which was how he made his living until landing his role first in American Graffiti, then in Star Wars, both directed by George Lucas. Even in his later years, he has been trying new things, such as learning to fly planes and helicopters and owning a ranch in Wyoming. Clearly, having a diverse set of experiences leads to many interesting stories, and opportunities.

Of course, more than providing exciting adventures from time to time, trying new things can grow you as a person. 

At Perka, we too are growing and trying new things, both as a company and as individuals. As a company, we are “broadening our horizons” to provide even more opportunities for our valued customers to partner with us. We are now bringing all our “company offshoots” to one website and incorporating services for repairing, remodeling, and repurposing any and all of your buildings that need it. (This is in addition to any initial building projects you need!) 

Plus, you can follow this link for information on our new line of “barn fixers”! And on top of all our exciting business expansions, we are focusing on improving ourselves and fostering a “team culture”, as evidenced by the title of our new site. 

We hope to bring all aspects of our business together as one team as we support and encourage one another. We are striving to serve our fellow team members, the community, and YOU!!! 

Let us know how we can best do that for you. Have a blessed day, and don’t be afraid to try something new!