Our History

A Heritage of Excellence

The Beginning of a Legacy

We’re the brand you didn’t know you already knew. You’ve probably seen Perka Hybrid Buildings across the country because they’re in high demand for agricultural, commercial, industrial, community and residential buildings.

Since 1981, when Ed “E.T.” Thevenot began the company, we’ve had a reputation of quality products and service, making our wood-steel hybrid buildings a popular choice among builders. Our structures are composed of steel frames, wood secondaries and metal sheeting, pre-engineered and custom-designed for your exact specifications.

At Perka, we rely on a network of dealers and distributors to market our products from Interlock Steel Structures USA, Inc. Our quality structural steel components, combined with these valuable business partnerships are why you’ll see our buildings across North America and even the globe.

The Reputation for Excellence Grows

Perka’s buildings began popping up everywhere, but we didn’t stop there. E.T. developed a line of reflective insulation called the Perka Insulation Board, and the product line soon expanded to ornamental steel featured in railings, fences and gates. 

Excellence, Expanded

As we entered the 21st century, Perka Hybrid Buildings continued to expand as a new generation took on leadership. The Thevenot Family developed a new branch of the business called Veritas Systems Construction, followed by BarnFixer, a service focused on repairing, upgrading and expanding existing agricultural buildings. Perka continues to be a family-run, client-focused business, with Martial, Guy and Sponge Thevenot now steering the direction of the company.

Continuing the Legacy

When E.T. began Perka Hybrid Buildings, he set an example of strong and determined leadership that celebrated integrity, commitment, quality, innovation and good stewardship. Now, his legacy is carried forward by the Thevenot family, and we continue to make the client our #1 priority.

Our Why

We rise and shine every day to seek out stress-free solutions for buildings so that we are all healthier, safer, more fulfilled, more secure and happier givers.

Our Vision

You might wonder what makes Team Perka so awesome. In every company that commits to excellence, there’s a delicate balance between humility and a desire to be … well, awesome. We capture that tension and our vision in our T-SHIELD, an old-fashioned coat of arms that reminds us of where we came from and where we’re going.

The T-SHIELD pays tribute to our long Thevenot family history and tribal lineages that celebrate the receipt of blessings in humbled mercy. The “T” stands for Thevenot Family Legacy, as well as our commitment to the Four T’s: truth, teamwork, trust and togetherness. These values have been passed down through generations with the belief that these values make us all stronger, agile, resilient, effective and calm. Ultimately, embracing the T-SHIELD enables us to be healthier, happier and more prosperous. This T-SHIELD symbol, worn with a certain faith, will represent a force of protection and empowerment to enable us to forge ahead in sincere, selfless service to and for each other and everyone we meet.


Our Mission

Our day-to-day mission is to continue to stand out and be a leader-innovator in the steel-wood hybrid building industry, as well as in seeking out the most serving and simple sustainable solutions. This all starts with a focus on supplying products that are consistently strong, affordable, flexible, easy and resilient.

We achieve this by providing personalized client service, quick turn-around of information, design options, solution ideas, drawings and products of value. We maintain the highest standard of integrity in all our work while getting it all to our client at value-added prices.

By having all the mates and various skillsets working together as Team Perka, committed to doing things right, we endeavor in every moment to always merit the respect and earn the trust, friendship and loyalty of each client. We aspire to co-create, with each other, relationships based on respect, confidence, trust and moral responsibility, and where we all can succeed, feel fulfilled and be happy.

As Team Perka, we are dedicated to each client’s satisfaction through this trust and confidence in knowing that the materials and services for each project will be provided with the utmost of care, pride, workmanship and attention to quality.

Our Founder

Born in 1936 to an extremely hard-working dad and a shrewd but very loving mom, Ed Thevenot (E.T.) quickly knew he wanted to be a business man. Since his first sale of two packets of garden seeds at 12 years old, he specialized in sales and marketing. Over the years, he successfully promoted and sold everything from pots and pans, to computer courses, to recreational vehicles and building materials.

With his entrepreneurial fire burning, he jumped into the building industry in 1971, promoting and marketing pre-engineered Quonsets in the province of Quebec. Within a few short years, his dynamic personality, hard-driving work ethic, and unswerving dedication to his men landed him vice president of marketing for the head office of the Miracle Span group of companies. In 1980, he decided he was a better entrepreneur than employee, and created his own line of buildings — the cutting edge, hybrid design of Perka (wood and steel) buildings.

In 1995, he was frustrated with inadequate insulating materials as he tried to construct more energy efficient buildings. So, in response, E.T. created P2000 Insulation Systems and P2000TM insulation for Perka buildings. He went through several manufacturers looking for the right formula of high-quality product, dedicated service and a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to match his own.

E.T. was the brainchild behind the marketing engines that have maintained steady sales, in both buildings and insulation, for almost 40 years. His experience, fearless risk-taking, and work habits helped him foresee market trends that enabled his team to respond quickly with assurance and success. Unfortunately, E.T. is no longer with us, but he has left behind an experienced, skilled, highly energized and passionately dedicated team.