Job Openings

We know why you’re here.

At Team Perka, we celebrate a collaborative, motivated team environment that embraces a strong work ethic and quality-driven workmanship.

We don’t only “make” buildings,

we strive to help make careers!

Working together, as part of a bigger purpose, attracts the best talent of likeminded people.

If you recognize these qualities in yourself, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Team Perka is an equal opportunity employer, offering salary and wages commensurate with skill level, experience and efficiency, with merit-based increases available based on performance.

If you are passionate about your craft and love being a part of a team, we invite you to apply to be a part of this team: Team Perka.



We are looking for a highly motivated TEAM LEADER/ FITTER who loves to help co-create a strong collaborative environment for optimizing the talents available on the unit to get the job done RIGHT! Do you like working on teams with a commitment to doing things in a collaborative, cooperative and harmonious way, together? The big ...


We are a wood, steel HYBRID construction builder.  Construction tradesmen with openness and understanding of basic carpentry and small tool use is a big plus.  Enjoying the process of building, repairing, retrofitting, remodeling, etc., is a huge benefit.  Be able to lift moderate weight with no trouble. Experienced with ...