Do Some Goodery is an outreach initiative co-created and served by all the Teammates at TEAM PERKA, – inspired by the founding family and friends of “ET” with a goal to spread joy filled smiles, all-inclusive kindness and more LOVE throughout our neighborhoods, our teams, our world!

 The vision is for it to be more than “random acts” of kindness and doing good here and there – we intend and affirm a commitment to use the power of our example to DO SOME GOOD…  not occasionally, not at certain special times of the year, but EVERY DAY.

Even and especially as a kind word, and gentle smile, a caring hand, an anonymous note or an outright giving and sharing of the blessings we receive.

Below you will find ideas, initiatives, and opportunities to spread kindness and goodwill as a NORM – to make THIS OUR COLLECTIVE #newnormal!

Please contact us if you have an idea or project you would like to share for support!


Partnering with Team Perka’s Rotary Club, a service project close to our heart is to spread some love to the orphans of the world. Every year We put together care packages of shoes to deliver with the help of Buckner shoes International.

Send Some Goodery:

One way to DoSomeGoodery is to send a simple note of encouragement, kindness, or just a special message. We have been doing this within our team and want to spread the ripple effect outwards!

(Below you will find printable forms to Spread Goodery in a few formats and an online form to have us help you!)

Here are some other resources or like minded organizations: