What makes a client feel really good (stress free) about his building solution decision?

Why are some clients HAPPY and others just seem to “live a nightmare experience”?

Have you ever wondered where does one start when wanting to build?  What info would be MOST relevant – given all the main info one would get regardless – (like general dimensions and price?)

After over 35 years of “being involved” in a building process in one form or another – here are the TOP 7 things that we have found make the biggest difference between HAPPY HERO BUILDER/CLIENTS and the “I WISH I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THIS EXPERIENCE” (or even something in between to various degrees.)

Choice #1. Hero Clients asked all the pertinent questions that help adviser get all the info needed to know exactly what materials they were getting for the money they were spending and how these added VALUE to his building and future USE.

Choice #2. Hero Clients had had requested and received preliminary drawings and descriptions which were clear and easy to understand — and thereby was reassured knowing it was exactly what he/she was expecting was pleased about the assurance in the benefit of having this.

Choice #3. Hero Clients fully understand all that was being done to assure quality control, knowing not to assume this from ALL suppliers – (especially from the LOWEST bidders).  He/she understood the benefit this would bring in time and money savings from a good fit at job site.

Choice #4. Hero Clients are fully informed as to where the frames were actually coming from.  He/she knew fully the relationship between seller and fabricator. And was reassured to know that both stood behind their product, their service and their desire to bring good to our world.

Choice #5. Hero Clients knew and were fully assured that the building he/she was acquiring was designed and fabricated to current codes and contemporary technologies.

Choice #6. Hero Clients are fully aware and understand that there was a streamlined order processing and delivery system in place, and was assured to know that the building would NOT need much if any field work, or elaborate re-fabrication for any on site adjustments?  He had much confidence in supplier(s).

Choice #7. Hero Clients took the time to review and ask, and the building adviser was not only happy but seemed very proud to share, about “WHO” they were and WHY they were doing business in this industry.  The representative was confident him/herself, positive, upbeat, friendly and even shared why HE/SHE enjoyed being part of this team causing client to feel only too happy and secure to want to work with this organization.

For more tips on being a Client/builder Hero – visit www.teamperka.com.