Barnfixers to the Core

Why replace when you can fix it? Why throw away when you can make it right again? If it’s doable, we will get to the core of the possibilities and give our best efforts to save you money and time.


Repair your roof from leaks and drafts and renovate your walls with Barnfixer. We can also upgrade doors or windows that display wear from years of use or just an unsightly appearance.


Retrofit your shop, barn, garage or shed to add or subtract from your existing building and make it come alive again.


Insulate your building with Barnfixer to make it comfy to use, work or play in again.


Repurpose your older building with Barnfixer to strengthen it and clean up the overall appearance and feel so you can work, play and live in your building.


Add on to your building with Barnfixer. We can expand or enhance that extra space, significantly adding use value to your barn structure and its return-on-investment potential.

New Construction

If new construction is the best solution for you, we can do that too! We are authorized, trained and certified Perka Hybrid Building installers.

“THIS IS EVEN MORE THAN I EXPECTED, and the whole process with you guys was virtually STRESS-FREE.” ”
— John S.