Back in the “old days”, whenever farmers were faced with some daunting task, like gleaning an entire field or building a new barn, they gathered all their friends and neighbors and turned the event into a party.

While this tradition has not completely died out, it has become exceedingly difficult in a world wrapped up in technology, virtual meetings, and the many uncertainties a pandemics, social differences, and general human unrest.

While you may not be able to congregate with your loved ones yet or hold any semblance of a barn-raising party, you can be sure that there is a team of reliable, trained, conscientious workers who would be more than happy to aid you in your latest endeavors. Your friends at Team Perka are eager, ready, and able!

            Not only can brand-new barn be built with care and price, but any issues you may be experiencing with your old barn can be repaired and renewed as well.

Are there leaking problems with the roof, walls with some scratches and dents, trusses looking a little of, purlins, windows, or any other parts of your barn showing their age?  THEY CAN BE FIXED!!

Even a super structure that may have taken a hit from one of Mother Nature’s Tornados or Hurricanes might be salvageable and you may want to be sure your prized belongings are protected and safe!!  Team Perka and their team under Veritas Systems Construction can take a no obligation look to assess the situation and present possible stress-free solutions to help strengthen, support, renew or even remodel your structure so you can rest assured that your valuable assets are secure.

Another great service that TEAM PERKA can offer is for situations where your circumstances have changes and now that nice big building is not serving you well!?  Sound familiar?

Perhaps you followed in the footsteps of farmers in the past and hosted your extremely entertaining barn-raising. Now you have got this nice, big, beautiful barn on your property, but you’re no longer sure that you need or want it.

Well guess what!?  It does not have to remain “a barn”.

Team Perka has aided in all sorts of renovations and building repurpose projects. We understand that people change their minds all the time, so we are here to help you achieve your new revised goals.

With a little ingenuity and experienced skills, most old barns can be turned into just about any kind of building you could need or want! We have adapted many buildings to allow them to house livestock, repair equipment for farm use or domestic needs, or even to be used as additional living quarters or office space!

If you check out our website, you will be able to gain more information, more inspiration, all in the safety and privacy of your own home.

If our website doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to contact us.

You can still get the results of a fun barn-raising party without the added stress and to “get this party started” is all just a few clicks away.

We understand we all can face difficulties from time to time and overcoming them is a lot easier when two or more can “gather” to “GIT – R DUN”!  And TEAM PERKA is committed to doing the right thing by doing things right!  WITH YOU AND FOR YOU!  We look forward to sharing your next adventure in a good ol “Barn raising party”!