If you are anything like me, you are thrilled that summer is finally here! School is finished for a couple of months, we can eat ice cream every day without getting the shivers, and it’s time to go swimming! Of course, the increase in summer fun also means we’ve got to get ready for some more of that summer sun. And while I’m incredibly grateful that we can stay in our nice, cool, air-conditioned home, controlling “climate” is sure getting more expensive. After all, the prices for gas, electricity, and other types of fuel are continually on the rise, as is the temperature! So, what is to be done? 

There are only so many popsicles one can eat, and it isn’t as if we can stave off the sweltering heat with those paper fans we used to make in elementary school. (They are “tearable!!) 
Fortunately, Perka has a solution for you!

Of course, if you’ve been around us and our blog for any length of time, you are already an expert on our hybrid wood-and-steel buildings. Not only are they spacious and shady to begin with (which they most certainly are!), but the wood purlin and girt secondaries are also a significant help with maintaining a lower temperature transfers from the thermos break they create.

What you may not have heard much about yet from me, is our Super Insulator Perka Board. Perka’s hybrid buildings combined with this Super Insulation Board is the perfect pairing to beat the summer and our ever-increasing extremes of heat! 

This Expanded Polystyrene board produced by (our founder’s original brainchild) P2000, works to protect us from the harsh heat (and cold) elements in so many ways…  like keeping moisture out (oh that pesky humidity!). And it virtually stops those hot radiant waves from getting through.  

Do you love to swim but hate the blazing sun? The Perka Super Insulation Board can make your existing or new building perfect for a cool pool house, climate-controlled storage or a much comfier shop/garage to work and play in. 

If you enjoy sports, your building could be excellent for housing tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts. Even if you’re just storing equipment for work or play, you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged, or sun baked.  No more kiddos burning their feet on those metal scooters! (Though, shoes are still recommended. Blazing-hot scooters hurt when they’re stepped on with bare feet.) 

With a proper insulation barrier, like the PERKA BOARD, you can safely and comfortably enjoy all your favorite summer activities even year-round!

Speaking of year-round, this ingenious insulation doesn’t just keep you cooler in the summer. It helps your building remain warmer in the winter, too. As we mentioned that it keeps out humid moisture, it also blocks the chill from the wind and air during winter from its high degree of seal ability against convection heat transfers!

And remember those tennis courts and that swimming pool? You can certainly enjoy them all year long, because your building can remain nice and cozy even during the frigid months. 

These Perka Boards are our own “secret recipe”, so to speak, and they have a quality you won’t find anywhere else.  If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat and are interested in learning more about our unique building and insulation technologies, check out our website or contact us now. 

We would love to partner with you (because we know what a cool person you are)! We are confident and passionate about helping you find just what you’re looking for. (Speaking of which, don’t forget that our buildings are completely customizable. It is all up to you!) 

This summer, we hope you will join forces with us as we all seek ever more ways to stay calm, collected, and COOL to help make our world a better, healthier and safer place.