After going through a Barndo building experience with my dad several years back, in full disclosure, – as much as we wanted to believe, as a do it yourselfer, that building the new home, (or office, or shop or any building for that matter) was going to be quick, easy and simple…  were many moments of continuously fooling ourselves.

In hindsight, now we can say — unless one can define quick, easy, and simple in less than on the surface type terms and expectations.

QUICK. It does not have to mean just a few days, weeks, or months.   Some well-planned projects can take years – especially from initial “dreaming” moment, to planning it out, getting the resources, building, finishing, moving and settling in.   So, the “key” to saying – “YA it was QUICK” – is setting reasonable expectations, setting up some under promising and overdelivering and just staying consistent with the attention until it’s done.  

EASY.   That is another one of those reality vs. hoping moments.  If one can remain flexible, keep the expectations realistic and actually slow the process enough to grasp and understand…. Then, like with anything, once you KNOW enough about the how, the why, the when, the where, etc. – it’s “EASY”!

SIMPLE.  Author (about Zen) Leo Babauta says that simplicity boils down to two things…  Identify the essential and eliminate the rest (for now).  Often, in a quest for speed or the illusion of efficiency and effectiveness – we unknowingly create higher levels of complexity.  And then it’s just NOT SIMPLE!  Of course, different folks will have different thresholds for tolerating different levels of complexity.   If one is seeking a more “stress free” or even ZEN like simpler experience – then as soon as things start to feel strenuous or overwhelming, that would be a good sign to LOOK AGAIN.   Look at all the things on the lists and truly determine what’s essential.  Even a deadline can be moved.   Most are “man/woman made”!!  

When all is said and done, if you don’t quit, – the home will be made.   The new working space will be created.   The dream shop will be realized…  if you persist and never quit.   ONE step at a time!

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