Building the Future Together: Celebrating SYNERGY

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued clients, tribe mates, stakeholders, and communities – On or about at the 7th hour of the afternoon, of the 7th day of the 7th month Miracle Innovations Inc.,  a Team Perka company, officially announced that it had been co-created to bring together two stalwart businesses and brands to emerge into one under Miracle Truss Buildings to ever enhance, innovate, and sustainably evolve the landscape of wood steel hybrid building solutions.

Uniting Strengths, Unleashing Potential

This announcement marked the convergence of two family businesses, each with a rich history, many common roots, with a DNA for providing exceptional service, creative building solutions, and a genuine commitment to a greater good for our communities, and both now being manufactured in St. Joseph, MO.  Perka Hybrid Buildings, a leader in wood steel hybrid structures, and Miracle Truss Buildings, known for their unique studio design approach, came together to develop a formidable association.

By joining and combining almost two centuries of aggregate experience, expertise, innovation, and resources, this team is poised to deliver even more remarkable and innovative building solutions to innovate for the ever-growing diverse and changing needs of owners as well as meet head on the increasing demands from climate and usage options. This union represents a boosted breakthrough in commitment to excellence, sustainability, resourcefulness, and client endorsement.

Redefining the Future of General Construction

This bright vision for the future is one where do-it-yourself construction is not only to become even easier and more stress free but also convert to ever more asset and wealth building added value, minimal maintenance, and energy efficient cost-effective. With this amalgamation, new benchmarks will be sought in the industry, offering reliable and lasting quality building solutions that are not only strong and affordable but also flexible, simple, resilient, and sustainable.

Both brands will continue to offer their trusted products through the same channels, ensuring a seamless transition for our clients. Everyone is confident that the market will witness the synergies created through increased and more effective collaborations and innovations that will bring immense value to the owner, environment, and communities alike.

Building the Future, Affordably and Sustainably

As this journey evolves, one of the objectives is for you, the prospective client-friends, to be fully empowered in the process. It is believed that by joining forces, together we can ALL do more, be more, and offer more to families, entrepreneurs, leaders, clients, tribe mates, and communities.

Stay tuned for the remarkable projects that will emerge from this unified force in the market.

Working and collaborating with all building dreamers and doers, we will not just be constructing buildings FOR the future; we are building THE future – that is both affordable, resilient, and sustainable.

Continued trust and support is very much appreciated. 

Everyone can look forward to creating a brighter and more innovative future together.

Here is a Glimpse into our Innobration: Innovation Celebration from 7/7/20023: