Guess what? Father’s Day (as it is celebrated in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada) is held on the third Sunday of June.

This year, it’s going to be on June 20th – THIS SUNDAY!!!  So clean off that grill, box up that tie, turn on that sports game (NHL PLAYOFFS ARE ON!!) … and get ready to celebrate Dad!

At Team Perka, we hold a strong belief in and appreciation for family values. We consider our team members to be our family. (And some of them even have a direct relation. Our founder, Ed Thevenot, passed on his leadership position to his son, Martial, who is working with son Guy and daughter Sponge for a next hand off.) 

Not only do we like to keep the business “all in the family” (or family atmosphere, depending on whether or not you’re actually related), but we also like to keep you “all in the family”- both our family and yours as brothers and sisters of other mothers!  #BOOM #SOOM

We strive to appreciate, welcome and listen fully so that you feel heard, satisfied and trusting as you partner with us in the work or to purchase from us. 

We thoroughly love it when our teammates and clients, aka friends, truly feel a part of our family! 

And, so, if you’re interested in joining our team/family for a longer time, feel free to check out our job openings, and see if one piques your interest. 

As in all families, there are many roles that need fulfilled and many talents that need to be shared! We do hope you spend time with us as part of our family, but we also want you to have time for your family at home, too. That is why we try our hardest to answer all your questions and keep your overall experience with us as “Simple and Stress-free” as we possibly can. We want to help you get back to what you love – your family- as soon as possible. That is what Father’s Day is all about, isn’t it? Spending time with family and celebrating dads all around the world. And the fact that it usually comes with a delicious meal is not a bad incentive either, especially for kids.

Speaking of food, Father’s Day is usually associated with grilling. Well, Perka’s high-quality wood-and-steel hybrid buildings just happen to be ideal for all sorts of agricultural uses. Perhaps they are the perfect place to store that cow, pig, or chicken(s) you are going to serve to your father (or to your children if you are a father celebrating yourself- you deserve it!). 

So fire up the grill, contact us if you’re interested in receiving more information about our company and our products, and- most importantly- have a blessed Father’s Day.