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Did you know? This year, Flag Day is Monday, June 14. (Did you know? This blog post is going to have a lot of fun, historical facts!) 

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress designed the very first American flag and even wrote its design as a resolution. Then, in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 as a national holiday: “Flag Day”. 

The current version of the American flag was designed by a high schooler from Ohio. Bob Heft (as the high schooler was named) created the 50-star flag out of an old 48-star flag, and he turned it in for a school history project. Heft initially received a B minus on his project, but his teacher changed it after the flag was chosen as the official one of the United States.

Last week, as I was driving down a street I don’t typically travel, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised by the Americana charm of it all. Miniature American flags lined the street, and the houses were postcard-perfect, reminiscent of the quintessential “Small-town U.S.A.” from the 1940s or ‘50s. Someone who was in the car with me mentioned that this would be a perfect street for the Flag Day or Fourth of July parade. 

Life certainly has changed since back then, the days of parades, “American apple pie”, and Small-town U.S.A. 

Some things, however, have never faltered.   At Perka, our values (and the value of our products) remain as strong as they were the day we began this journey. (OK, we may have opened a little bit after the aforementioned era, but you get the picture, right?)

After all this reminiscing, what if we told you that the heart of America still exists? It does! We at Perka are so blessed and honored to partner constantly with the heart of America: our farmers. We believe that farmers power our nation (both literally and metaphorically), and our commitment and dedication to them is just one more thing at Perka that is unwavering. 

We love our world, this great nation and our community, and we want to support it as best we can! 

Of course, we don’t just service farmers. We hope to be of assistance to any American. (And any North American, actually. Check out our location in Canada!) 

Find your local dealer today, or find out how you can become a dealer yourself! 

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We’re here for you, fellow Americans, fellow Canadians, fellow Earth Travelers)! 

Happy Flag Day!