Have you ever wondered why “flexibility” is considered a great personality trait? I think part of the uncertainty on this is because it’s hard to find tangible examples of personality traits.

“Flexibility” as a physical trait is easy to comprehend. If someone is doing the splits or a backbend in front of you, it’s easy to label that person as flexible! But why would we assign the same word to somebody’s personality as we would to a gymnast?

Perhaps it’s because physically flexible people move with little effort, and they return to their initial position with ease. Similarly, people who have flexible personalities are able to “roll with the punches”, so to speak. They take the problems and unexpected situations they are given, and they don’t get too “bent out of shape” when life doesn’t go as planned. 

Of course, as with anything, being flexible (either physically or personality-wise) might require some practice. It’s might hurt a little in the beginning, but the more you work on it, the easier it becomes! 

Focusing on giving grace and staying kind when problems arise.

Did you know that the F in our “S.A.F.E.R.” motto acronym stands for “Flexible”? At Team Perka, we endeavor to be flexible in every sense of the word. 

While we might not be able to do gymnastics, we do remain as limber as we can when it comes to dealing with unexpected challenges or “opportunities” as we much prefer to label them.

Speaking of limber (and lumber), our buildings are strong, affordable, sturdy, resilient as well as flexible. They are tough enough to withstand strong winds, heavy snows, billowing storms while still being flexible enough not to “crack easily” or break all together.  Perka Buildings are conscientiously and designed with PURPOSE to serve, protect, secure and comfort for generations… Our team of trusted building advisors seek to figure out the most perfect stress-free building solution for YOU, with as much USE VALUE as we possibly can.

And check out our new 3D building designer to discover what kinds of designs we have. And how one or another might look like in the dimensions you are thinking!  

If you don’t quite find what you’re looking for (we know there is a lot of cool info and options,  any one of our teammates would be more than happy to help in any way you would like.

Know that PERKA buildings are customizable; and are easy to work with to get exactly what you need. 

If you’re interested in getting free no obligation assistance, go ahead and look at our website or give us a call. We would love for you to contact us so we can get started working with you on that DREAM building! In the meantime, may we all have a great day and BE flexible!