There is a great African Proverb that says (and I paraphrase) << if you want to travel “quickly” (not necessarily faster) – go alone.   If you want to travel FURTHER – go with a tribe… (group/team).>>

When I first read that – it instantly began to change my way of thinking…

I used to be one of those types that would say – “if I want it done right – I may as well do it myself.”   And so it was with my “journey”. — I wanted things to MOVE…  faster…  NOW…   I ended up finding myself doing a lot of things, alone…   Tired.  Wondering.  Worrying.  Hurting.  Unhappy.  Stressed.   BUT I WAS MOVING, by golly!!   For what?  How long could I keep doing this?

Well, it was for a bit too long.  In hindsight – it was actually far too long.  My health probably took a bit of a beating because of that too.  Heart issues. Back issues.  Feet issues.   All preventable.

A part of me now really wishes I had “gotten that” sooner!  It’s one thing to “see people” leading, and I did have some great leaders, still do, exemplary role models, – but often times they were a bit “silent” — It’s often a “watch me and figure it out” type of teaching….

I am now seeing and realizing it’s yet another level to mentoring and being mentored when GIVEN actual words, instructions, lessons, advice, encouragement and inspirations…  Words are very powerful…  Especially when used for GOOD… Said in the “right” way – they can be VERY seo experts at!   So, I picked up reading…  A LOT.   And “googling” … (is that a word?) and surfing online articles.   Watching talks.  There is so much to gleam.  Never too much in my humble opinion.

So, to contribute, and maybe give back to YOU reading this now (thank you and good on you for “reading” this far …)   let me share with you a few “words” that can hopefully inspire YOU to lighten the load of your travels…  and to maybe pass on as well…  to bring more joy, more peace, more ease, more security, more certainty and a lot less STRESS to our world!!!  YES?

None of us are good at EVERYTHING… especially not by ourselves.  When you add even one person to help…  things can immediately be lightened, made easier, feel safer and even more fun.  A key attribute to this is TRUST.  Trust is a must!!  Add a few more trusting mates – with varying skills, a common goal and good hearts for service… even much much more can be accomplished more effectively, more efficiently, more skillfully, more joyfully.

Of course, and again, you really need to be able to have confidence in who you are with and what & why you, as a TEAM, are looking to achieve.  Be on the same page… YES?  And for that, COMMUNICATION is the KEY.   Talk often.  Talk early.  Talk frankly.  Talk respectfully.  Talk “lovingly”.  TALK.  Even if you text, email or send telegrams…  use any means you can.  If done right, (lovingly) there is no such thing as over communicating.  WORDS ARE POWERFUL – right?  They can provide ONE PERSON with an “army” to do anything!!  Our history has shown this time and time again!

Just like with any major project, like building a new shop, shouse, barndominium, shed, garage or any other use structure, going it “alone” can be a daunting task.  Getting the “right” team – of experienced, good hearted, well meaning, trusting and trusted mates will make a HUGE difference.   It can save you a ton of time, lots of money, potential mistakes and, more importantly, headaches, worrying, unhappiness – and STRESS?   Sound familiar?

YES.  Getting the right TEAM is vital to a smoother, “stress less – if not stress free” process…

I really wish I had known this sooner.  Going to work now, with this great TEAM (PERKA) that we have showing up every day to actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our world through our natural tendencies for sincere selfless service, trustingly, genuinely, peacefully, compassionately, caringly, lovingly, IS PRICELESS!  In fact, it’s part of our collective most natural desire, as “tribe” TEAM PERKA, to wage peace.  And now YOU KNOW!!

Make a difference,