Welcome back to the blog, and we hope you had a very happy, safe and joy filled Thanksgiving! With so many things to be grateful for, we enjoy taking the time to celebrate with our friends and family to give thanks for all our many blessings! 

But before we get to the turkey and pie that we shared with our loved ones, let’s take a quick peek at the history behind the holiday.

While cultures around the world have celebrated their bounty and thanks by feasting for almost all of history, the modern American version of the holiday can trace its roots to the Pilgrims’ feast with the Wampanoag tribe in 1621. The Pilgrims held the celebration to give thanks to God, as well as to repay and thank the neighboring Native Americans for their help in keeping the Pilgrims alive. 

Within the next few years, settlers began holding thanksgiving celebrations one or multiple times a year. By the time America became a nation, the practice had become so widespread that George Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving to celebrate the country’s newfound freedoms and constitution. 

It wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official U.S. holiday. The fete was celebrated every fourth Thursday in November until 1939, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt moved it to the third Thursday of November, where it remains officially celebrated to this day. The modern festivities most often include a few days off work, holiday parades, gathering with family and friends, and- of course- a large Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of the modern festivities, they may have looked a bit different this year. There might be fewer faces around the table, or perhaps you’ve gained a few new additions. Regardless, this past year sure was a doozy, but as we think back over the past twelve months, we are happy to have emerged hopefully one year wiser and stronger. 

We were glad to be able to gather with those we love and consider the many ways we have been blessed. And of course, how could we discuss what we are grateful for without mentioning one of our greatest blessings? 

That would be you, our valued friend, neighbor, client – customer! To paraphrase one of my favorite authors, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks!” 

We are so grateful that you, dear friend, are present to celebrate this Thanksgiving season. Whether you’ve been partnering with Team Perka for years, have just recently joined our register of client friend, or are merely curious to know more about our company, we are glad you decided to join us as we “give thanks”, every day, for all our blessings!

We know that sometimes, life can be as stressful as making sure the turkey is cooked to perfection and ensuring the house is spotless for the guests. That’s why we make it our mission to “Keep It Simple and Stress-free (K.I.S.S.)”! 

For more information about how we can “Keep It Simple and Stress-free” for you and your family, check out our website! If you’d like to talk about your building goals now, go ahead and contact us

And, of course, if you’d like to celebrate and give thanks with your family and friends every day, then we are only happy to let you know that we will be here whenever you are ready!From our Team Perka family to yours at home, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!