Many things were set back last year due to the pandemic, but now we are slowly starting to be able to gather once more. We are finally regaining some of the experiences we lost! 

One such experience had been postponed for an entire year, and in certain ways it has quite a few similarities to Perka and our buildings. That’s right. We’re talking about the Olympics! This year’s summer games began recently in Tokyo.  We know you might be saying “Wait, what? What do the Olympic games have to do with a building company?”  – Let’s see if we can draw some parallels!

Today, we’ll be breaking down each characteristic of our classic “S.A.F.E.R.” acronym, and we’ll show you the correlation between these popular international games and our unique hybrid buildings.

  1. Strong. This trait has some obvious similarities. Olympic athletes train long and hard, practicing for hours a day to increase their strength, endurance and build muscle. Likewise, we’ve spent countless hours of research and testing to ensure that our buildings and the open web joist steel frames are incredibly durable. That’s why we developed a hybrid building system that combines both wood and steel to provide you with the best qualities of both materials. Sounds like an Olympic-sized Gold metal win doesn’t it?
  1. Affordable. This quality is probably one that only applies to Perka’s Building Products, not to the Olympics.  But the alternative “approachable” term does reflect the current trend of the athletes being ever more “good sports” and not so much EGO filled.  The compete with the best intentions without some of the historical rivalries that once used to pervade our world!   That said, did you know that tickets to the Olympic opening day ceremony cost anywhere between $220 and $2680?!?! Tickets for the other days are a bit less expensive, but they’ll still require a hefty chunk of change. And there are 16 days of Olympic games! Apart from selfies and souvenirs, except for some possible unforgettable memories, not much materially lasting is gained from the small fortune spent on attending to watch the Olympic performances. Perka’s buildings, however, are completely affordable, and they last MUCH longer than the 16 days of games. In fact, we have so much faith in our structures that our frames come with a LIFETIME warranty! Purchasing one of our buildings is like receiving a medal that isn’t anywhere near as expensive as gold!
  1. Flexible. Have you seen those Olympic gymnasts, trampolinists, and martial artists? Their sports require an intense amount of flexibility, combining this elasticity with incredible strength. Similarly, Perka’s buildings are engineered to withstand anything nature throws our way: wind, rain, snow, ice, sand, even space trash, etc.  And just as Olympians need to be equally emotionally flexible and adaptable to be able to bounce back from any losses or disappointments, so too are Perka’s buildings adaptable in case something were to compromise best laid plans. You can easily add rooms and adjust the size of your building, as well as be able to change its purpose. Perka buildings are versatile; they can be used as storage for machinery, crops, and livestock, as an office or den, or even as a man cave. She shed Barndominium!!
  1. Easy. Well, no one ever said that holding or competing at Olympics would be easy. However, working with Perka sure is! We make it as simple as possible to reach and chat with us to ask for information. (Contact us now if you’re interested in speaking with one of our trusted building advisors!) We work hard to do our best to “Keep It Simple and Stress-free”. We want to make the process easy for you, to get what works best for you and so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  1. Resilient. Last year, hope seemed to lessen and dominate our lives. Stores, schools, and businesses of all kinds began shutting down. The Olympics were postponed, and many feared they might be canceled altogether. However, Olympians pushed through anyway and trained harder, and those who did not quit, were finally able to come out on top. In the same way, we at Team Perka (and all our customers) have had to fight through last year ever harder, to adapt, and become stronger. And that’s not just how we act as people. Our buildings carry the same principles. We’ve designed them to bounce back from harmful weather, and if there is any damage, they can be easily repaired and restored!

While you, like many of us, may have never been an Olympic athlete, we know that you understand what it means to put in the time and work toward success. We as Team Perka would love to be part of your journey as you reach toward that “gold medal”, however that may look in your life. 

Whether you’re interested in building an “Olympic-sized” barn or a simple office space, we would love to join you as you “run this race”. Contact us now and let us know how we can “cheer you on” in your building journey, and don’t hesitate to tell us how we can help you “Keep It Simple and Stress-free”. Plus, be sure to check out our homepage to discover all the services we offer! We hope you’ll partner with us as your support cheerleaders while you’re “going for gold”!