It is, of course, where many “firsts” tend to occur: first words, first steps, first thoughts and feelings and dreams. Home is, for many, a place of beginnings and a place of support for those endeavors. 

Home is the springboard for all the lovely things that come after we grow up, as well as those which occur in the midst of the growing. And even though “home is where the heart is” and can be anywhere geographically, it is still a location. After all, “there’s no place like home”.

So, if home is where we start our growth, how do we start in obtaining, building, and formulating such a place? 

You have likely seen many housing advertisements on signs, in commercials, or other places. And yes, buying a pre-existing house is certainly an option. 

However, have you seen the price of housing these days? The cost of living (in nearly all aspects) is growing steeper and steeper, and housing is no exception to that trend. 

Why spend more money than you maybe really have to on a house that you’ll likely have to repair or renovate within a few years (if not right now!)? 

Instead, how about purchasing some land and not just build a “house” but raise your very own home. Not only does it tend to cost significantly less than buying a house outright, but it also allows you to customize and personalize your build. 

You get exactly what you want in your place: perfect number of rooms for everyone, perfect size of a backyard to have plenty of space for children and pets to run around and SAFER — Strong structure, Affordable, Flexible, Easy and, now more important than ever, RESILIENT! 

Need some help?  — This is where TEAM Perka comes in. While we may not always provide a traditional style of home, there are many many benefits and advantages to having a wide-OPEN clear span space to design with!

“Barndominiums” (barn condominiums) and “shouses” (shop or shed houses) are becoming increasingly popular for their sometimes rustic, country style and chic flair (not to mention the aforementioned significant price difference that they provide, allowing you to get a much bigger house for much less money!). 

At Perka, we have pre-made, pre-engineered frame designs that we truly believe offer a perfect starting point for a custom and unique new home. 

Don’t fret if you don’t see any styles you love just yet. The options for designs are virtually unlimited and YOU get to help design it all yourself! 

You can find a local dealer, check out our website, or contact us to see how we can get you the best HOME built with you, (all while giving abundant USE-VALUE) for you and your family.  We want you to feel right at home with your new friends at Perka, and we’d love to assist you as you get started on a home of your own, as you determine what “home” means to you.  Peace!