Happy Easter! As we enter this time of remembrance and new growth, we are humbled and honored to recollect what this time means both for us as a community and individuals.

Of course, redemption was not without its share of pain, suffering, and waiting. The world had to wait thousands of years to receive the hope and freedom it had been promised. But it finally came, at the right time, in Divine order.

And it was worth the wait!

Throughout our lives, we all experience time-consuming tasks, some especially important, some not so important. But ultimately all, we hope, are worth the wait.

If you’ve been following or with us in any way for any length of time, you know that we are working on an exciting new project, and it is taking a looong time to complete!

In fact, a lot of things seem to drag on and on, especially in today’s business world, despite all the technology and desire for instant gratification.

Remember when all many could think of was those government stimulus checks? More recently, it has been the ship in the Suez Canal, which created a literal block to ships AND a figurative block to the supply chain.

Thankfully, the “roadblock” ship has been removed now, and we learn again that many of our “roadblocks” can be eliminated (or avoided altogether) by better communication.

We at Perka are working on perfecting our #T.A.C. (Think, Anticipate, Communicate) to prepare ourselves for whatever blows our way! Of course, we can’t be ready for everything, and our forward thinking doesn’t always solve it all. Sometimes, errors and oversights lead to snags, and that incites, – you guessed it- more waiting.

But amid all this waiting and hold pattern, we 1) persevere in patience and 2) remember that everything happens at exactly the right time, and that it is all happening for a reason.

All in due time!

All in Divine order!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter.