Whew! It sure seems to be getting hot out there, isn’t it? While I am certainly enjoying my summer and am not quite ready for the school year to start back up, I’ll be honest; I have spent very little time outside this summer because, for one thing, it has been SO INCREDIBLY HOT outside! And as it turns out, I’m not the only one who has been feeling a little beat down by the heat lately. 

Across the country, Americans are suffering from the effects of the sun’s oppressive rays. While we need and love the light, warmth, and energy, it can certainly become overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, even in their own homes, many people can’t escape this calefaction.  So many older homes had inefficient insulation or proper ventilation making it be less comfortable indoors!

Personally, I reside in the Midwest, and one of Perka’s main locations does, too. (If you’re ever in the St. Joseph area, come stop by and say hello to your friends at Team Perka!) 

While this area may not have many claims to fame, we are certainly well-known for one thing in particular. That would be our HUMIDITY.  

There is evidence that one of the Midwest’s trademarks symbols and a major industry may be contributing to our humidity. That’s right! Corn is a recognizably Midwestern crop and may be increasing humidity levels, making us feel that the temperature is hotter than it actually is. 

Corn “sweats”; the water inside the plant escapes the cells and evaporates into the air in high heat. Because of all this excess liquid in the air, we feel warmer, and we end up sweating more, too!  HOT HOT HOT or WHAT?

I, for one, am trying to avoid sweating like corn this summer. So, at my house, we utilize the air conditioning all summer long, and I always have at least one fan running as well. However, air conditioning costs can tend to rack up pretty quickly. And while a simple fan may not pose the greatest expense, running it 24/7 can become a drain on the wallet, especially if you have to use more than just a single ceiling fan. 

And then, of course, there are costly heating bills in the winter! It’s almost as if there is no cost-efficient solution to avoiding unpleasant weather. Fortunately, across the globe, people are becoming more and more curious about improving their heating and cooling apparatuses, as well as implementing better systems of insulation.

At Perka, we are passionate about comfort, energy conservation and affirm that having a proper insulation system can significantly help decrease both your heating AND cooling costs, and more importantly create environments that are more consistently comfortable! 

That’s why we have worked long and hard to create and perfect a system using a Perka Board, AKA “the super insulation” that address all three forms of heat transfers keeping out both extreme heat and extreme cold from homes, offices, schools, churches, warehouses, barns, garages, etc. 

It not only protects from the heat temperature, but it also blocks and seals from various forms of moisture and air flow, allowing more even minimal ventilation to make your rooms comfortable again!  This is a crucial part to protecting our health from these extreme conditions.

Of course, the Perka Board system will also act as a barrier between you and the rain, snow, and sleet you may experience in the winter as well. It is perfect for all kinds of homes/structures in all kinds of weather in ANY area! 

If you are interested in talking to us about making your home, office comfortable again – or about the Perka Hybrid Building system using the Perka “Board”, or anything else that may be on your mind, let us know! 

Check out our website or contact us now to find out how we can save you money (which we realize is quite the hot commodity these days). And, of course, don’t forget to stay cool!