We here at the TEAM PERKA BLOG WRITING UNIT love talking about holidays. We love to CELEBRATE!  It keeps the DRIVE and PASSION for Living Life Fully Alive and well.

There are so many random, lesser-known holidays to raise a glass and YAHOO for!

If it weren’t for our recent blogs, you may never have heard about National Bad Poetry Day and all those other “bad” days from a couple of weeks ago. (Yeah, maybe you could have lived without that knowledge.) 

However, today we’re going to be talking about a more well-known and certainly well celebrated holiday. If you read the title, I’m sure you can guess which one it is. That’s right: Easter…  not — YES – Labor Day – YAHOO!!

Now, many of you may be questioning, “Why Labor Day? Is it even a purposeful holiday, other than getting the day off work? What exactly are we celebrating? Labor?!?!” 

Actually. Yes! Well, kind of. Labor Day was created to honor those who labored (ha ha) for more workers’ rights. In the late 1800s, workers held strikes and, at one point, even an impromptu Labor Day parade. 

Now it is recognized as a national holiday, dedicated to both those who fought for better work environments and to modern American workers. It is celebrated every first Monday in September which means that this year, it’s on September 6! 

It’s often hailed as one of the last days of summer before the cooler days of Autumn set in, unless you live someplace where the coolness of Autumn never sets inor are someplace where Autumn comes long before it’s meant to. Either way, people typically enjoy spending their day off with family and friends, often in the form of picnics and backyard barbecues.

At TEAM Perka we’re not only working constantly; we’re constantly working for you, with you, with our teammates, whom we hold in very high esteem and value

You, our client, friend, are our collective top priority, and we seek to do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible experience with regards to fact finding, solution seeking, (Perka) building, barn repairing, roof fixing, construction install or however other way we may be able to help you with. 

We thoroughly enjoy partnering with you, for you…  as you seek to take the labor OUT of the work…  for today, this month, or this year! 

Our unique hybrid buildings are customizable and so flexible that they can have near endless uses; and we are confident that we can co-create one that fits you perfectly.

If there is no “existing” design that is right for you(which could be rare with over 7000 precedents already), we can co-create something brand-new, just for you! 

For more information, check out our NEW website

Whether you have more questions or you’re ready to begin your project with us, go ahead and contact us! You can reach us through our website, at perka@staging-perka.kinsta.cloud, or by calling 800-467-3752. 

We would love to help you out in any and all of your upcoming projects. Just don’t forget to take some time off on Labor Day to spend some quality time with family and friends!  Our tomorrows are not promised!