Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to go kayaking for the first time. 

However, as someone who suffers from mild self-diagnosed naviphobia and thalassophobia (the fears of boats and large bodies of water, respectively), it is needless to say that I was more than a little nervous. Fortunately, I had good friends with me who knew what they were doing. Still, I paddled out of the dock wondering, “Why did I agree to this?” But before I knew it, I was actually doing it! I was making my way through the water and even going fairly quickly.

However, it wasn’t long until my arms began to ache. I took a quick break from rowing, drifted for a moment, and felt another wave of fear wash over me. I was out in the middle of the lake, and my arms felt too sore to keep going. Not wanting to get stuck, I pushed on and met up with the others. Once I found my rhythm, the pain subsided, and I had to admit that the views were pretty amazing. I could understand why people enjoyed these things.

Sometimes in life, we face similar challenges. When faced with pain and hardship, we have two choices; we can push on despite it or remain stagnant and wallow in fear. Of course, the fear doesn’t lead anywhere. 

When has worrying ever added an hour to anyone’s life? In fact, it does just the opposite, robbing us of both time and confidence. Instead, the solution is often to “keep rowing” when confronted by difficulty. It may hurt more in the short term, but it will ultimately be more fulfilling in the end. Plus, you’ll become stronger in the process. And you’ll feel better if you face your fears and push on bravely through troubles now rather than later, when fears and conflict could be even greater.

At Perka, we’re no strangers to hardship. We’ve been faced with a number of “storms” over the years, and we’ve worked hard to overcome them. We’re always training ourselves to be stronger, just like we have designed our buildings to be strong… and stronger.

And hey! If you aren’t someone who struggles with naviphobia or thalassophobia (or if you’re working to undo those fears), one of Perka’s hybrid buildings would make a great lake house, clubhouse, kayak storage area, etc. 

Perka Buildings are intentionally designed and fabricated to withstand the “storms of life”, a strength that we ourselves endeavor to have whenever it is needed most.

If you’re interested in learning more about our superior products, contact us now! We would love to hear from you! 

Until next time, don’t be afraid to keep persevering in the midst of hardships, and don’t forget to continue working to confront your fears. All it takes is a can-do attitude… and maybe a kayak.