Believe and Achieve with Patience and Persistence!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a theater buff. (OK, maybe even a little bit of a theater nerd.) Plays, movies, musicals, you name it; I love it all. My first-ever role was in The Sound of Music when I was in the first grade. I appreciate theater for the art that it brings, the family atmosphere it creates, and the lessons it can teach. 

In fact, one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned came by way of my junior high school theater teacher. Several years prior, she had been directing Peter Pan. In the story, the Darling children have a dog named Nana who serves as their nursemaid and caretaker. The girl who was given that role took the phrase, “There are no small roles”, very seriously. As odd as it sounds, she studied dogs: her own puppy, videos of dogs online, anything that she could do to learn how best to play a dog. She was so dedicated to this “small role” and performed so well that in the next play (which happened to be Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorites), my former director gave her the lead role of Elizabeth Bennett.

After becoming privy to this inspiring story, I was determined to be the best “anything” that I could be. And it wasn’t just in theater. While I have always strived for excellence, that story has been a constant reminder to me to study and perform well in everything I do. Even though for years it felt as though I was stuck in the role of the dog, I’ve finally begun to see the results of all that extra effort. 

And this is why I’m writing all this to you today. 

This is your reminder that perseverance and patience work. They really do! 

Eventually, with enough time and hard work, you will achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself. It’s just like building a structure. (And maybe one of your goals is literally your dream building!) 

You must start with the “framework”: setting the goals/visions and taking the first steps toward them. It might take a while before the walls come up and everything is installed. But the more attention of time and effort you put into it, the more rewarded you will feel when it’s finished.

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Contact us or check out our “team” website for even more information. It’s never too late to begin working on your dream projects! As Shakespeare once said – and our Founder “ET” paraphrased frequently:  What if LIFE was but a stage, and we are ALL actors!  What role would YOU like to play! How would you play it? Why?

After all, anything is possible with faith, trust, smart work, truth, doing what you love and a little bit of pixie dust! (Was that too cheesy?) Have a blessed day!