Perka Super Insulation Board

This is the best insulator in the industry that can virtually stop all three main forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. This high-performing product even acts as a vapor and moisture barrier.

Every energy-saving feature will make you love the PERKA BOARD — Super Insulation by P2000, but the real value is how it functions as a complete, energy-efficient system.

The specially-formatted expanded polystyrene (EPS) core forms an all-weather guard:

  • Stops all cold, wind, heat and moisture
  • Creates a true thermal break
  • Eliminates condensation

Some of the advantages you’ll see in the PERKA BOARD — Super Insulation by P2000:

  • Recyclable and toxin-Free: A green product
  • Measurable savings on heating and cooling costs
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Versatility with thin, lightweight and flexible sheets
  • Waterproof
  • It will never sag, settle or compress over time
  • Itch-and-scratch-free installation


Engineer Designed

PERKA BOARD — Super Insulation by P2000 delivers energy savings and interior comfort in even the most extreme weather conditions. This is made possible by a laminated board design with double-sealed joints that seal up drafts. Plus, the dense foam core reduces conductive heat transfer, while the metalized plastic facers minimize air and moisture infiltration as well as being a high-efficiency radiant heat blocker.


Easy Installation and Lifetime Value

The PERKA BOARD — Super Insulation by P2000 is lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install. Installed properly it will not sag or settle, and it resists moisture absorption, making it effective even if wet.


A Healthy Option for Your Home

The PERKA BOARD — Super Insulation by P2000 is a healthier choice for your home. It does not support mold growth or produce harmful chemicals, nor does it release dangerous airborne particles. It contains no CFCs or HCFCs. 

To view code compliance and test results for the PERKA BOARD Insulation System, click here.