While this past year and a half has given many of us on this great planet cause to worry, fear, lay sleepless at might, eat more, drink more, mistrust, and sometimes even panic… it has also provided opportunities for deep reflections, repose and, for many, a re-prioritization of what’s most important in our lives.  Yes?

While, like many people of Faith I know – there is the hierarchy of having our Creator, God, The Universe, The Eternal, Source…  as number ONE to help us navigate through uncertain times!

And yet, for so many during these lingering periods of adversity, He or She, is often “left out”?  And by this I don’t only mean that Miracle Making, Merciful, Grace providing force that can GIVE to us at the call of a prayer or affirmation.   I’m referring to – leaving out the possibility of SEEING Him or Her in others – as the kind word, the gentle hand, the caring smile, the giving heart…  

In our states of “fear”, mistrust, or even sometimes willful confusion of what’s true, untrue, misinformed, uninformed or even unbelievable, we can find ourselves totally missing out on being able to see and hear these gestures that might very well be all but evidence of the Merciful Grace of a greater force…  of LOVE.

If we are just loud gonging cymbals, how can we hear or see?  How is that LOVE?

I had yet another of my own little awakenings recently, when a “sister of another mother” – gracefully, generously, and compassionately made Her presence in the form of listening, giving, supporting and LIFTING.  

She, without ask or prompt, shared the following story about “US” on her own business blog, – about my family, my father… OUR TEAM…  which, to me, was nothing short of a beautiful and humble  example of a R-evolutionary opportunity we can all open to practice. 

To praise. To lift each other. 

To make Peace, as Love & Kindness.

Go here:  https://sjc.marketing/monday-morning-coffee-with-perka-hybrid-buildings/#disqus_thread

To me, this “act” of genuine caring and kindness, is a greater statement about, and an actual Presence of our Source, Creator, God…  who, I believe, effectively exists within and as EACH of us…  FOR each and EVERY ONE of us.

None of us truly “knows” the crosses another might be carrying – but we can KNOW the impact we can have by helping, caring and loving another ANYWAY!

To me that is what and who I, we Team Perka, would like to evolve to be more about. www.teamperka.com

Team Perka Author – Martial Thevenot