Ripples can become Waves…And especially so with the right momentum energy behind them! 

Team Perka Mate, now in his second year, and a former Junior Achievement graduate- Shane Ackers chose to give back to the staff and students at Lindbergh Elementary school this past week. From his own generosity, supported by a matching “pay it forward” initiative for all co-workers at Team Perka, Shane chose to supply personal hand sanitizer bottles to each staff member at Lindberg Elementary.

When it comes to giving, Team Perka prides itself on selfless acts of kindness often randomly, but always with humble generosity.  All in a Spirit of DOING GOOD!

And in that essence of care and compassion for our fellow man/woman (People) and our community (Place), the many good people of Team Perka’s staff donate many hours of time and money each year to many different charities, causes and even private needs.  It’s an expression of gratitude for a consciousness of abundance… (Prosperity). 

Shane Akers decided to go outside the box of normal charitable donation methods and give directly to the education system that will be forming our future leaders and possibly even new Perka teammates. He took a random act of kindness opportunity and grew it into providing bottles of hand sanitizer for every staff member at the school, which he personally delivered to the principal.

More ripples were made in our community’s pond and hopefully there will be waves of forwarding support one day. 

Even the smallest ripple can become a HUGE wave in this world with the right passion driving it. 

Shane has also stated that his new goal is to try to provide enough bottles next year for the entire school district. Every day we are proud to be a part of a team that is so rooted in doing the right thing that it comes easy to be and do it every chance we get!

Team Perka Author – Robert Franzen