“Welcome back to our building blog
It is to be a weekly log.
So, I hope we can be good friends,
so that our blogging never ends!”

OK, maybe I don’t have a glorious career in poetry ahead of me. But hey, National Bad Poetry Day is today, August 18, so maybe I’ve got a chance at winning some prize there.

Strangely enough, National Bad Poetry Day is not the only day for celebrating doing things badly or being mean or upset. There’s International Panic Day on June 18, International Day for Failure on October 13, and even National “Have a Bad Day” Day on November 19!

Sometimes in life, it seems as if there are people celebrating these unfortunate holidays every day. So many folks seem only be able to focus on the negative in life. They spend a lot of time reminding themselves and others of the mistakes, rather than the progress being made. 

However, while some of this complaining may be due to personal habits of some form of grumpiness, some of it may not be entirely unfounded. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly noticed a decline in people’s desire to do things well. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people rarely focus on doing the right thing the first time, let alone the 2nd time.  Some are typically more concerned with being lazy or making “fast money”. 

However, that’s something you’ll never find with Team Perka. We take pride in the high-quality standards of our company. We strive for superiority in every aspect of what we do: our designs, our materials, our plans, our workmanship, our finished builds, our communication, and our customer service. 

If anything is not completely to your satisfaction, please let us know. Our main goal is doing things right by doing the right thing for YOU!  We aim that you will be perfectly satisfied with the quality of your building, and if you change your mind on anything, don’t worry! Our buildings are completely customizable and even adaptable, so you CAN easily change the purpose and/or size of yours.

What questions might you have about this?  We would love it if you contacted us

If you’ve purchased from us before, and you’d like to look at partnering with us further, you can check out our list of job openings! We’re always looking to add to the team, and we would love to have you join us in one way or another too. 

Before we sign off for today’s blog, I’ve got just one more thing to say in the spirit of the holiday… 

“Thank you for reading here today;
you make us want to shout hooray.
Just don’t forget to smile, you see.
And read some more bad poetry!”

All right, I won’t make you suffer any more of my rhyming. Have a wonderful day!