As I was at work one morning this quote by none other than Zig Ziglar was just bouncing around in my head. Elevator is broken use the stairs… Then it hit me this fit in so well with our company’s WHY of #sssTsss – StressFree Solution Seekers Trusting Sincere Selfless Service. (Developed with the guidance of Simon Sinek!)

There is no quick & easy way to success especially when constructing a large building. But if the process is succinctly simplified, thoughtfully laid out and mindful work is put in with a focus that the process taken be Stress-free, by Solution, seekers, trusting, Sincere, Selfless, Service, then the “stairs” to be taken are actually not that bad, if not even enjoyable, and success is, in fact, achieved a lot easier and with more value!

   Too often with some buildings systems, they are slapped up in a real hurry and then we find ourselves, with our sister company, coming in to make common repairs on all types of buildings. 100-year-old ones, pole barns, all steel, rigid frames, other hybrids, stick built, the list is expansive and usually comes with a very common root cause of “corners being cut” somewhere in that process, to either speed things up or lower the cost of the building project.

And when we come out to fix it, we will however still follow the diligent process that we would on our own buildings to ensure that there is quality set forth to ensure that any future “house calls” are certainly not going to be for the same issues.  As Vince Lombardi says, “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have”! 

For TEAM PERKA, attention to detail is what sets them apart; and that goes for all the products and services in the fold like Interlock Steel Structures, BARNfixers, Veritas System Construction, Fencing, Gates, Railings, Metal Art Signs etc.  If you can dream it, we will draw it, create it, build it and long in the future, if it is even needed, “TLC” it!.

    When you choose to play the game for the long haul, when allis said and sone, it’s the attention to the details, the pride taken when every part of the building process is done, and the commitment to service that truly makes for a Stress-free build!

When I get to go to a job site it always amazes me with not only the efficiency that even a 4-man crew can work with, but the ease and speed at which these building come together.

If the foundation has been laid out to the exacting specifications that are prescribed, then the columns legs go up with swift ease. And then the truss rafters, purlins, then girts, windows, entry doors, garage doors equally fit like a glove…  and then suddenly, just like that, you have your wall sheeting going up!

Not long after that you are stepping back, in awe, seeing what it all is beginning to look like.

Then comes all the finishing touches with the various trims, gutters, vents, cupolas.  Anything you may have dreamt of having is now coming to life.

In short even if the elevator to your building’s success is out of order, we have never minded taking the stairs to get you to where you want to go! Penthouse suite maybe?

And even if you build it yourself, we are a phone call, email, text or even I.M. throughout the whole process – so you are NOT ALONE! So, if you are looking for a sssTsss (Stress-Free, Solution, Seekers, Trusting, Sincere, Selfless, Service) building solution don’t hesitate to check us out and find out more about what you can get with a TEAM that is in the for the INFINITE GAME!