I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again! Leaves are falling, apples are almost ready to be picked, and the deer near my house are making their visits more and more frequent. 

I’ve already heard several people make jokes about those pernicious “pumpkin spice latte girls”, and if I’m being honest, I myself may have already partaken in a pumpkin spice drink or two. 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (tied with spring) for several reasons, but I think one of the primary ones is the fact that the season is full of beautiful symbolism. (Come to think of it, so is spring, but we’ll save that as a topic for another day.) These “in-between” seasons are excellent reminders that change can bring happiness and beauty. 

Of course, in contrast, somehow the seasons themselves are rather stable. Autumn comes every year, shedding its brightly colored leaves and leading the way into winter. Every year in the months after summer, we pull out the pumpkins and corn cobs, the spiced drinks and desserts. So, while the season itself ushers in change, it remains the same year after year. Rather paradoxical, isn’t it?

One of Perka’s core values (and part of our “S.A.F.E.R.” acronym) is flexibility, and we certainly discuss it quite a bit here on the blog. 

Sure, being open to change, learning from it, and even finding beauty in the difficulties is an excellent trait to possess. However, there is something to be said for being stable and strong (the very first attribute in “S.A.F.E.R.”)! 

We know that life is full of twists, turns, and some unexpected storms (both metaphorically and literally) on occasion. So how do we stay stable in the midst of the wind, hail, and hurricanes that seem to enter our lives so frequently? 

Just like the trees that adorn so many of our customers’ and friends’ property, humans need strong “root” systems to keep us “grounded”. Imagine if the apple tree in my front yard had roots that barely penetrated the dirt. That tree would be pretty easy for me to knock over, not to mention the damage that could be done by a gale or rainstorm! We’ve got to make sure our roots remain deep with family and friends so we’re not trying to weather these storms with no support system. Plus, this gives us new perspectives on others’ problems, making us more empathetic and willing to serve our loved ones in their times of distress. For many (including myself), remaining “grounded” in faith can also help us keep our roots deep in troubling times.

At Team Perka, you’ll find products AND people that embody these characteristics of both flexibility and strength. 

Our buildings and the related materials are easy to work with, but they stand firm through all of life’s storms. 

Too, as a team here at Perka, we remain steadfast and open to flowing through whatever life throws our way, while at the same time holding firm to our beliefs and passions. 

Of course, our two main passions are building excellent structures and helping our clients! We would love to be on your side for your next building project! To see what kind of frames we offer, click here

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We can’t wait to hear about your newest projects, so feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to check out our website for all the latest information and building inspiration! Who knows? Maybe you need this structure to store your bountiful fall harvest. (If you’re making apple cider or pumpkin spice drinks, make sure to invite us!) And, of course, have a happy fall!