NEW TREND?  Or just a FAD?

Gray & White Perka ShouseBarndominiums. Shouses. Man Caves. She Sheds. Craft Cottages. Party Parlors. Hobby Huts. Craft Cabins. Book Bungalows. Relaxation Refuge. Craft Chalets. Liquor Lodges. Wine Wickiups. Sister Shacks. Brother Barns…  the list can go on and on.


It seems there has been a growing demand over the past few years for either very specialized uses for sometimes smaller sized buildings – to multiple use buildings requiring a bit more creative ingenuity, flexible assembly options and yet still meet ever growing concerns from climate anomalies causing some pretty extreme conditions that is certainly cause for concern when building anything in today’s world!

There seems to be a move towards more rural and country living which certainly opens the multitude of possibilities for outside the “building box” thinking!!

Basketball in Perka GymIf you want to combine home, living quarters with some storage space, workshop, gym area, larger fitness room, games areas, small lathing chambers or whatever else you can think of – these types of structures (like what Perka Buildings can offer), is the cat’s meow to making this do-able – affordable and simply!

And like with all structures that will contain high value assets and precious cargo – it will need to be Strong, Flexible and Resilient too!

Add an element of many years of experience with a calm, cool, collected and creative mindset for the seeking out of stress free solutions for the most current and relevant conditions for you and your particular area…  and you may have just found your most invaluable teammate, cheerleader, trusted advisor.

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