Who likes uncertainty?

According to Tony Robbins, after food, shelter and clothing, there are 6 core human needs – certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution.   And certainty is probably number one albeit in competition with a need for “variety”!

Who has ever said – “Am I ever glad my flight has been delayed with no reason or plan for new departure”?   We may be in one of the most luxuriously modern airports in the world but would more than likely still not appreciate not knowing what’s up!

The discomfort typically revolves around the “risk” of the situation getting worse.  Provide a credible explanation and a solution and most of the tension can be diffused.

BELOW is a link to great article offering a GREAT perspective on the VALUE of “risk”…

The more risk a product or service may present the lower the initial price might be… but the higher the potential COST, overall!

Less risk – may cost a bit more up front – but, when all important things get considered – including “certainty” – it can amount to a lot LESS resources expended in the long run, all carrying some VALUE including and certainly MORE STRESS FREE!!

This could be something of great value for each of us to educate ourselves about prospective suppliers and partners.


When considering the purchase of materials for a building project, here are some of the risk reducers that immediately come to mind.  Can you think of others we could add?

  1. A team’s public statement to a commitment to integrity and related product choices is a great first step.

  2. Price being FIXED at time of order (with no hidden upcharges)

  3. Having a track record of deliveries all but assured in the time frame desired (and even sooner many of the times!)

  4. Having some sort of “pre-fit” quality control processes can all but eliminate risks of misfits or errors.

  5. Having multi staged quality control inspections can eliminate “errors or omissions” – especially if backed by a warranty that should there a human factor – the supplier will OWN IT!

  6. The buildings are designed to specific CODES for the building’s location – no cookie cutter solutions…  with reasonable mutual due diligence to help assure that the correct code is adhered to.

  7. There is a track record of a commitment to frequent, clear and honest communication (updates) throughout the entire process from solution seeking to ordering, production, delivery and follow up…

  8. Having clear and understandable assembly guides and instructions updated to all the most recent developments in product and procedures. (Check Out Our Info Center)

  9. Having ever growing support from clients, users with open and honest feedback for the collective benefit of improving the whole building process.

  10. Working with a team with a strong and proven history of doing things right by doing the right thing…

Learn more about how Perka building designs can help you have more certainty in your life.  We’ll even send you free information.

Here is the aforementioned link that inspired this blog.