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Fast, friendly and fully functional, our professional construction company is well-known throughout the Saint Joseph, Missouri, area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our awesome staff and how they can help you!


Your dream home, man cave, shop, shouse, storage shed, garage, barn, barndominium and more, can be realized efficiently, affordably and stress-free. We love helping dreams come true, especially ones that will last, be functional and bring joy and security for generations.


Do you already have a building, but it’s just not up to par? Maybe it was great when you built it, but now it’s too small? Perhaps you would like to add on to it or even just give it a little TLC? Maybe a facelift again— add some windows or doors, or a new, clean upgrade on the siding? Making things “right” is as value-adding as making things new. Either way, you will get our best effort and all of our creative ideas. Together we can bring new life and new value to the treasured buildings you already have!

Insulation Inspections/Installs

Are you looking to help cool things down in summer? Or are you trying to keep that heat in over the winter? Good, lasting, functional insulation that addresses the three forms of heat transfer is your answer to save energy and money. Plus, the right insulation helps make life a lot more comfortable and stress-free. We have a couple of great options for your consideration, along with several decades of experience. And we love to seek out the most creative solutions. Give us a call, and let’s see what we can do to help you out.

Specialty Projects

Do you have a building idea that just might be outside the lines a bit? Something edgy? Creative? Or maybe it’s a specific need for a unique situation, and most contractors just don’t want to touch it or won’t give you a clear answer. We can help. We can’t guarantee you a solution every time — but we will think it through, and if we do find one, we will do all we can to make it as stress-free as possible.


Does your existing building have some “issues”? Cosmetic? Structural? Practical?
We like to call these “opportunities to make it better.” Don’t hesitate to give us a call — we will happily check it out and let you know the options that might be worth considering, along with the ones we can provide. Together, we can surely come up with some good stress-free solutions. Detailed, no-obligation estimates are always a good place to start.

Perka Hybrid Building Erection

This is the foundation of our product and service offerings. It’s where we got our start — exclusively installing Perka Buildings, with a variety of flexible options and creative customizations.

It will always be our first love, but we also know sometimes the better solution is to fix or improve what you have. Regardless, if you want to start from scratch, Perka Hybrid Buildings can offer you one of the easiest, stress-free building solutions and construction experiences. Perka Hybrid Buildings are strong, affordable, flexible, easy and resilient. The best part is not only that we have decades of experiece, but we genuinely care. We know the building; we know the great minds and people behind the designs; we know how it all began. It is “all in the family.” And right next to our faith in our Creator, faith in our family of teammates reigns supreme.

“When I needed my dream shop building erected, I found Veritas Systems Construction. I was so happy with the work they did. I had them back to install a cold storage building, retrofit a door header and resheet my old pole barn. I couldn’t be happier with their work!”
– Marty G.

Let’s make your building dreams come true.

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