Want FREE HEAD ROOM in your NEW building? 

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Did you see our new booth? 

Our brand new large model buidling made its WESTERN FARM SHOW debut this year. This model already has made its way down parade routes, seen other farm shows, and has much more planned to show of the parts, pieces & benefits of the S.A.F.E.R. Building solution in a more lifesize way! 

Besides ‘Head Room’ what does the Perka System give you?

Our mission is to continue to stand out and lead the way in the steel-wood Hybrid Building industry by supplying products that are consistently Strong, Affordable,Flexible, Easy & Resilient…  We achieve this by providing extraordinary client service, quick turn-around of information, design options, solution ideas, product and drawings, maintaining the highest standard of integrity in all our work and getting it all to our client at fair use value added prices.


Built STRONG to endure the test of time.


Built AFFORDABLE to give USE VALUE that counts year round.


Built FLEXIBLE to adapt to your needs of today & tomorrow.


Built with EASY in mind to help make like simpler and more stress free.


Built to be RESILIENT to bounec back quickly to full USE VALUE.


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